Every case is not the same. Thus, it’s quite difficult to say if you will get a conviction or not, but looking at the statistics of some of these cases will give you a hint if you are going to be convicted or not. Here are some as shared by the Bureau of Justice.

Burglary, Cars, Murders, and Drugs

The rate of conviction for burglary, driving-related cases, murder, assault and drug vary. However, the stats reveal the following:

Theft of a motor vehicle: 74 percent rate of conviction

Driving-related crime    : 73 percent rate of conviction

Murder                          : 70 percent rate of conviction

Burglary                        : 69 percent rate of conviction

Drug trafficking              : 67 percent rate of conviction

Assault                          : 45 percent rate of conviction, which is the lowest rate on record

Felony Cases

There was a 59 percent rate of conviction relating to Felony cases, with some of the cases only ending up with misdemeanor charges. However, for felony cases themselves 68 percent were convicted with 11 percent of these not beiing tracked. Thus, only 89% has been properly recorded thus giving us with a 68 percent rate of conviction based on the official records.

What it says about your case

These percentages will not conclude the result of your case, but it will help you set an expectation. It can show you the importance of knowing your legal defense options, whatever charges you may be facing.

Given the percentage of chances of an acquittal is still high, especially with a reliable criminal defense lawyer in Cedar Rapids to assist you. Let’s talk about your rights and how it can be protected. Send us a message. Or give us a call at 319 364-5525.