It’s that time of the year once again when couples celebrate their love for one another. But do you know that this can also be the season of several murders?

Here are 7 Valentine crimes that would make you second guess dating on this day:

Bouquet of Flowers Before Death

It could have been hard to guess who have killed Susan Hamilton, wife of Dr. John Hamilton. The neighbours believed they have a happy marriage. But tragedy struck when John went home with a bouquet of flowers but ended up with her being strangled using his own neckties and her skull badly beaten.

Death at the Bathroom Door

Oscar Pistorious, 2004 Paralympics tried hard to convince the jury that he fired the gun because of self-defense. Nevertheless, after SMS messages were recovered from his girlfriend, the pieces of evidence pointed to him as guilty of murder.

Searching how to effectively kill someone

You may have thought that this can only happen in a movie, but NO! Minister Nathan Leuthold searched hours on how to effectively kill someone – that someone is no other than his wife. He even used his children’s college fund just to bribe his mistress not to tell the truth.

Finding a plot to kill the fifth husband

Stacey Schoeck taught she can easily get her husband’s $500,000 life insurance easily. She seemed to have plotted the perfect crime by hiring a hitman. However, she had all of these conversations by phone which was retrieved by the police.

Obsession resulting in death

You may call it an obsession, especially if a person has stated many times over that the relationship is over. But, in this case, it was too late for the police to protect Tiana. Because before they were able to arrest her former boyfriend, she got to her first and gave her over 20 stab wounds.

Stuffed bag death on Valentine’s

If your wife belittled and bit you, will that be enough reason for you to stuff pieces of her body in garbage bags?

Absolutely not! But this is what happened to  Stephen Grant on Valentine’s Day 2007.

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