Do you believe that all criminal defense attorneys are the same? If you do, you’re making a big mistake.


When looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you should do your due diligence to find the one that resonates with you. Look for a lawyer that has years of experience and a quality case record instead of the cheapest one you can find. In the end, choosing the cheapest attorney can cost you big time.


Some individuals opt to go it alone and represent themselves but self-representation has some serious downsides. Even though it’s cheaper, you may cause your case to fail because you don’t know the ins and outs of criminal law.


Instead, put some effort into looking for the best possible criminal defense attorney in your jurisdiction that you can.


Your lawyer should be honest and upfront with you from the beginning. They should also take the time to explain everything to you about the case, possible outcomes, and what will happen next.


The attorney you choose should listen to you and fight the case with everything they know to either get you off the hook or receive the least amount of consequences possible.


Here are 7 things you should avoid when hiring your criminal defense lawyer:


1.Hiring an attorney from the yellow pages


There’s no question that phonebooks are going by the wayside. Any Cedar Rapids attorney you consider for representation needs to have a quality website. The yellow pages tell you very little information about the lawyer, whereas a website will divulge:


  • Pages of information
  • Case history
  • Reviews or recommendations
  • Education
  • Experience


2.Choosing an overly-aggressive attorney


You may be tempted to hire the shark that’s ready to dive in and get started but it’s actually smarter to choose a criminal defense lawyer who will put in the time and effort it takes to represent your case well.


Your lawyer should have your best interest in mind and try to come up with the best results possible for your case. Obviously, there are no guarantees, and it depends on the details of your case, but having the drive to try is key. Your attorney should also know when it’s good or bad for a case to go to trial.


3.Being pressured


Whether you’ve talked to your first or eighth attorney in Cedar Rapids, don’t let anyone pressure you into hiring them. These kinds of attorneys will claim they’re the best in Linn County, but you need to conduct your own research.


If you’re pressured to sign with an attorney and they start asking for your credit card information, consider this a big red flag.


4.Hiring someone who doesn’t specialize in criminal defense


While all attorneys work with the law, that doesn’t mean anyone is qualified to take your case. Look for a lawyer who clearly specializes in criminal defense. The law changes all the time, which means your lawyer needs to know all the latest developments. You won’t get that from someone who specializes in a different area of law altogether.


5.Choosing a lawyer who guarantees a victory


Nope, don’t do it.


The outcome of a criminal case, or any other case for that matter, is not something that can be predicted. Your attorney should try to do the best they can but there are no guarantees.


The attorney can suggest possible outcomes and what they think the likelihood of achieving each of them may be, but run away if they guarantee a success.


6.Picking an inexperienced attorney


Criminal law is a very nuanced area of law, which means you should select someone who’s been doing this for a long time.


Don’t place your freedom in the hands of someone who has little to no experience in criminal defense.


7.Not checking for qualifications


Avoid making the mistake of not checking the qualifications and certifications of the attorneys you speak to. Board certifications are important because they guarantee that the lawyer is qualified to handle your case with no issues. If you hire someone who is not qualified, it could cost you more money and some trouble.


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